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Dean’s Message
Dear Students;

Welcome to Near East University Faculty of Engineering.

Faculty of Engineering with its multicultural body has a very important place on the island of Cyprus. Almost 50% of its students and 30% of the faculty members are from the neighboring and foreign countries.

The Faculty of engineering with faculty members, who come from more than10 different countries of the world and have various skills and cultures, and with its young and dynamic research assistants has been offering engineering education, innovation and interdisciplinary research for 19 years. According to the latest figures, the total number of our staff is over 70.

The Faculty of Engineering, which comprises a total of 13 departments on various engineering disciplines, has a leading position in Cyprus especially in Biomedical Engineering, Computational and Artificial Intelligence Systems. As of May 2014, the Faculty of Engineering has received the approval of YÖDAK and YÖK for doctoral programs on some engineering branches. Undergraduate, graduate, master’s degree and doctoral programs are offered on various main branches including Computer Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Food Engineering.

Besides, associate degree programs including Electrical & Electronic Technology, Automotive Technology, and Construction Technology are carried out successfully to prepare students to work as technicians.

The Faculty of Engineering provides quality education and training opportunities to produce graduates who are well prepared to enter and assume leading roles in the profession. Most of our graduates have undertaken important tasks at national and international platforms and carry out their careers successfully with their diplomas that accredited by various organizations, associations and federations.

We are committed to accomplishing the deep, broad, and concerted research and educational activities that will be required to maintain NEU’s leadership in innovation. Within the scope of our fundamental objectives and with the initiative of the Founding Rector Dr. Suat İ. Günsel, preliminary accreditation studies for ABET, ASIIN and MÜDEK were initiated for appropriate engineering branches in the academic year 2013-2014.

Applications concerning accreditation of some master’s degree and doctoral programs that offered by the departments of our faculty have been accepted by ASIIN (Accreditation Agency for Degree Programs in Engineering, Informatics, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics). The content-related specifications of the quality of degree programs and the logics and efficacy of a qualification process within the degree programs will be reviewed by ASIIN and bilateral negotiations will be continued in the academic year 2014-2015.

The Faculty of Engineering is committed to educating the technological leaders of tomorrow. Research and project-based activities provide our students with extensive laboratory and design experience, as well as a campus alive with scientific, artistic, cultural and intellectual activity.

The Faculty of Engineering provides broad opportunities for quality education to produce high-caliber graduates at international standards who are able to take effective responsibility in innovation, research and professional issues. To be the leading gear of engineering and scientific research and to contribute to science with a multidisciplinary approach is the core value of the faculty’s educational philosophy.

By participating in national and international scientific and social activities, our students make us feel proud. We also feel pride with our graduates’ accomplishments that they have achieved so far. I would like to extend my appreciations to everyone who has contributed

Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÖZSÖZ
Dean – Faculty of Engineering