Dean’s Message

Dear Students;

Welcome to Near East University Faculty of Engineering.

I am very proud to serve as Dean of Engineering in this period of new opportunities for our university and our students.

Engineers create and apply designs to make human life easier. Near East University offers a high level of engineering education required to achieve this goal and the opportunity to gain knowledge in the real-world applications of designs.

The engineering faculty bears the responsibility of both offering theoretical courses and publishing research articles in reputable journals with its 83 faculty members. Faculty members who teach in thirteen different engineering disciplines have registered their expertise with their publications. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral education is provided in engineering majors.

The departments in the engineering faculty have registered the quality of education from accreditation institutions such as ABET, ASIIN, and MÜDEK.

Our rise in the world ranking is based on our reputation for providing great education through faculty research, experimental learning, our growing alumni network, and innovative design projects.

Interesting developments are happening every day inside and outside our building located on the Near East campus. The world outside will always demand more engineers, and we will continue to ensure that our graduates not only participate in that world but lead them in the field of engineering.

I look forward to continuing to serve and strengthen this university as we continue on our way with great success. I hope you will join us.

Prof. Dr. Bülent BİLGEHAN
Dean – Faculty of Engineering