Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ahsen SAVAŞ
Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ahsen SAVAŞ
Lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering
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Prof. Savaş graduated the Metallurgy Department of Manchester University in Great Britain in 1980. He completed both his MS and PhD degrees in the Metallurgical Engineering Department of Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada in 1986. He continued his research work primarily on crystal growth and phase changes both under gravity and also microgravity conditions as a visiting researcher in 1987, 1989 and 2001 in the same laboratory at Queen’s University.

He was appointed as an assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Bosphorus University, İstanbul, Turkey in 1987. He was promoted to associate professorship (1989) and full professorship (1998) positions in the same department. He served as an emeritus professor in the same department after his retirement in 2007. He lectured as a visiting professor during his sabbatical in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Mersin University in the 1995 – 96 academic year. He was employed as a part time lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Yeditepe University, İstanbul during 2003 – 2004. He has been working as a lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Near East University, Nicosia, TRNC since 2009.

In general, his research interest has been concentrated on the structure – processing – property relationships in metals and ceramics. Some of the collaborative research topics he carried out with the industry include the development of dirt resistant and antibacterial sanitary ceramics, forming of austenitic high manganese steel, elimination of extrusion defects in leaded brass and also development of dezincification resistant brass alloys. He was an area member of the MİSAG – TÜBİTAK and TTGV and also served as the vice director of the Center for Industrial By Product Recycling during his employment in the Bosphorus University. Bone and orthopaedic implants, squeeze casting and semisolid forming of wide freezing range alloys were supervised in a number of graduate theses. He lectured close to twenty different courses both in the undergraduate and graduate curriculum to date. He has lectured courses on materials science and engineering, heat treatment, materials failure analysis, materials selection, bone and biomedical materials in the more recent semesters. The current research topics being carried out at the Near East University involve the production, testing and commercialization of biodiesel fuel from waste vegetable oil; production, characterization and automotive applications of jojoba seed oil; mechanical properties of aluminium foams for automobile crush boxes. Final year graduation theses, MS and PhD theses on these topics have been supervised.

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