Dr. Chidi Wilson NWEKWO
Dr. Chidi Wilson NWEKWO
Lecturer of Chemistry
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Dr. Chidi Wilson Nwekwo obtained his BSc. degree in Biochemistry from Madonna University, Nigeria in 2010. In 2015, he obtained his MSc. in Biomedical Engineering from Near East University, (NEU) North Cyprus.

Following his MSc. completion, he was awarded the NEU postgraduate scholarship to undertake his PhD. in Biomedical engineering - with a focus on ‘Cartilage Tissue Engineering using Silk Fibroin.’ He successfully completed his doctorate in 2021, under the keen supervision of Prof. Dr. Terin Adali and Prof. Dr. Rasime Kalkan (co-supervisor).

He has contributed to a number of globally recognized journals and his research interests include; the chemistry of Biomaterials, tissue engineering, medical equipment designs and manufacture, and artificial organ design, fabrication, and implantation.

His passion for the academic success and overall well-being of his students shines through whenever he lectures. His desire is that his students understand engineering principles well enough to apply them in solving real-world problems.