Assist. Prof. Dr. Cemal KAVALCIOĞLU
Assist. Prof. Dr. Cemal KAVALCIOĞLU
Lecturer at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Director of the School of Computing and Technology
Chairman of Electronic Technologies (Vocational School) (2. Year Program)
Chairman of Electronic Technologies (3. Year Program)
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Dr.Cemal Kavalcıoğlu was born in Nicosia on September 8, 1977. He completed his primary education in Küçük Kaymaklı, and he finished secondary school in Şehit Hüseyin Ruso and Nicosia Turkish High School. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Near East University in 1999, he received his master’s degree from the same university and faculty in 2002. Dr. Cemal Kavalcıoğlu completed his doctoral study on 24.07.2020 and received the title of Doctor (Ph.D.).

Dr. Cemal Kavalcıoğlu has been an Instructor in Near East University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department since 2004. Since 2014. Dr. Cemal Kavalcıoğlu is the chairman of 2.year Electronics technologies Vocational School and 3. year Electrical and Electronic High Technician department. Since 2016 he is the director of Computer and Technology High School. From 2017 he is vice chairman of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department.

Dr. Cemal Kavalcıoğlu has 1 SCI journal, 9 international refereed journals, 14 international conferences, and 9 local refereed journals. Dr. Cemal Kavalcıoğlu is a member of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers and has served in the Scientific Committee of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers in 2010 – April 2012.

Dr. Cemal Kavalcıoğlu General Research Interests

Wireless communication
Wireless Telemedicine Systems
Image Processing in Telemedicine
Digital Signal Processing
Biomedical Signal Processing