Lecturer Galip Savaş İLGİ
Lecturer Galip Savaş İLGİ
Lecturer at the Department of Information Systems Engineering
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I was born in 1974 in Ankara. I graduated from Anıttepe High School in 1992. After finishing high school, I entered the Near East University Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture. After reading this department, I passed a year in the Faculty of Engineering Computer Engineering. I graduated from this department in 2002.While studying in Computer Engineering Hacettepe University Computer Center, I took part as a Tester and Developer in several projects related to the University, written in PHP and C Programming language and at Başarı Telekom, I took part in the making of a software and performed as a tester for Java compatible telephones in WML Script and Java Programming, at the same time working as a WAP expert in the Informatics exposition in 2001.

After graduating from university, he worked for a while at Meteksan’s Mobile Information and Communication Technologies Joint Stock Company, According to an agreed arrangement with Turkcell related to JAVA compatible telephones, I took part as a Tester concerning games in JAVA Programing language, and also participated in a follow-up program project for Tablet PCs made for the Security Forces Director’s Office.

Between March 31, 2003 -31 March 2004 3 Armored Brigade Artillery Battalion Hall / Tekirdag ‘as I did my military service as an officer in ADESTİM (Artillery Fire Support Team).

Until 2004 – 2007, Tusaş Aerospace Industries (TAI) solution partners ESC Data Processing and RAPID Information and Communication Technologies Software Hardware Consultancy and Telecommunication. Construction and Industry. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. also, In an arranged agreemant with TAI, I took part as project supervisor in the programming, education and support of the collected accounting program information data in DB2 data base written in Smalltalk for Social Security Hospitals, Health Directorates and Accounting and Financial Works Director’s Office. At the same time I participated in the establishment, instruction and support for a E-Health Project which aimed the interaction of regional Health Directorates and smaller community health facilities, which consisted of a First Step Data Bank Project written in JAVA Programming language.

Between 2007 and 2008 I gave Visual Basic, C # and Java lectures to civil servants and private company personnel in Ankara BIM Computer Course.

From 2012 to 2016, I worked as a Web Officer at the Center for Innovation and Information Technologies at Near East University and as a lecturer at the Information Systems Management Department and the Information Systems Management Department.

I’m going to the Near East since 2016 University Information Systems Engineering Faculty of Engineering and again at the same school my duty as a lecturer at the Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty.

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