Prof. Dr. Bülent BİLGEHAN
Prof. Dr. Bülent BİLGEHAN
Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
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Prof. Bülent Bilgehan was born on 15 October 1958 in Balalan Cyprus. He studied his primary school in Balalan and completed his high school education in Namık Kemal Lisesi in Famagusta. Thereafter, he moved to London where he studied BSc in electrical and electronic engineering at Southbank University. He graduated with high honors diploma. He was employed by British Telecom in 1982. After a year he joint to another English company named as Adcola where he gained experience on manufacturing technology regarding the printed circuit boards. Prof. Bilgehan moved back to his home country Cyprus in 1984 where he established his own electronic based company.

He was the first to implement satellite communication systems in the island. Cyprus is small island and very difficult to keep up to date with fast changing technology. Therefore, he registered to an MSc program in electrical and electronic engineering at Eastern Mediterranean University. He graduated in 1987 and was offered a part time lecturer position at the same university.

He was able to combine theory with practice. Prof. Bilgehan continued to study a part time PhD program at Eastern Mediterranean University. He graduated and joined to Cyprus International University as a full time lecturer. He was appointed as the head of the electrical and electronic engineering department. He became Assistant professor in 2006. He joined to Girne American University as a lecturer and became Associate professor in 2009. He became a professor in 2015. He was then appointed as the director of vocational school at the same university. He joined to Near East University in 2017. He became the head of Electrical and Electronic engineering department. He has awards and prizes and he is a member of many international institutions. His research articles are in the field of signal processing. Prof. Bilgehan can speak Turkish, English and Greek language.

Teaching courses: Wireless Communication Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Signals and Systems, Satellite Communication Systems.

He is married and the father of two children.

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