Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boran ŞEKEROĞLU

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I was born on 21st of December 1980 in Lefkoşa. I completed my elementary education at Gelibolu Primary School and secondary and high school education at Bayraktar Turkish Maarif College and Turkish Maarif College in 1994 and 1997 respectively. I started my Near East adventure in 1997 as a student at Department of Computer Engineering with full scholarship. After completing my undergraduate study in 2001 with honors degree, I got married with my dear wife Süsen D. Şekeroğlu and our daughter Dilara Naz was born in 2002.

I graduated from MSc. Program of Near East University, Department of Computer Engineering in 2004. During this period, I had an opportunity to develop my academic skills as a research assistant in my university. After obtaining my PhD. study in the same department in 2008, I completed my one-year military service.

I worked as a Vice Chairman in Computer Engineering Department between 2009 and 2013, and I have been working as a teaching staff and chairman at Department of Information Systems Engineering since 2013.

I started to get interested in Artificial Neural Networks, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition fields during my undergraduate studies and I wrote my MSc. thesis and and PhD. Dissertation about these subjects. I completed several researches by using Back Propagation Neural Networks such as banknote identification, coin identification, signature recognition, leaf classification. After achieving superior results in document image enhancement by proposing new image processing methods, I conducted research about lung tumor segmentation and classification using Support Vector Machines. I am a member and a supervisor of a research group proposed a novel system that measures the diameter of ascending aorta with a maximum accuracy. I published more than 30 SCI articles, conference papers, book chapters and books. Nowadays, I am conducting researches on 3D reconstruction of faces using skull images, gender and age classification using face images, performance tests of artificial neural networks and deep learning. I made several contributions to Journals, Conferences as a science board member, reviewer and consultant. I supervised more than 20 undergraduate graduation projects and 15 MSc. thesis and I am supervising 2 PhD and 6 MSc. thesis.

Research Interests