Dr. Ahmet İLHAN
Dr. Ahmet İLHAN
Lecturer at the Department of Computer Engineering
Website Coordinator of the Faculty of Engineering
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Ahmet Ilhan, born in 1992 in Nicosia, completed his primary education at Yakın Doğu Elementary School in 2003. He continued his secondary and high school education at Yakın Doğu College, graduating in 2010. Subsequently, in 2014, he obtained his bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Yakın Doğu University and began working as a research assistant in the same department. He completed his master's degree in 2016, showing a particular interest in the field of Image Processing, and conducted his thesis in this area. After completing his master's degree, he continued his academic career as a full-time lecturer and completed his doctoral studies in 2022. Throughout his doctoral studies, he published 15 scientific articles related to his research topics.

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